Vanity is Your Friend

"All is Vanity" by C. Allan Gilbert....

Over the years I have found myself often more motivated by preserving or enhancing my looks than my health. Probably I realize that while my health has been generally good in the looks department I really can’t afford to cede any ground. Vanity just motivates me in a way that health doesn’t. Maybe it’s because I realize that as much as I can do to support my health I will die eventually. Who knows? Mainly I think that it’s good to take advantage of whatever I can that keeps me actively pursing health and wellness. It doesn’t matter what my reasons are for hitting the weights as long as I keep hitting them.

Hardest Birthday

Dental floss monster

Dental Floss Monster

For me the most difficult birthday so far was 46. As far as I can tell this was due to the simple fact that I deemed my early forties to be an extension of my thirties; sort of my really late thirties. Thus when I hit 46 there was no longer a way to tell myself that I was 30+ anymore: it was undeniable: I was closer to 50 than even the tail end of my thirties.

Heading towards 50 got my attention though and I decided that my practice of always trying to get away with things with respect to my physical well-being had to go. I read “You the Owner’s Manual” by Drs. Oz and Roizen and incorporated a lot of their advice into my normal routines including ¬†adding some supplements I had not previously taken such as fish oil and flossing more. They got me to do that with the advice to only floss the teeth you want to keep.¬† I cut out diet pop except as a treat. I drink more water. I’ve learned that my best bet is to make things easy for myself; keep water handy if you want to drink water. I recently added drinking about 3 cups a day of green tea to my regular routine and have cut way back on coffee though I don’t think it’s really bad for you, it just contributes to worse sleep habits for me.

I sometimes backslide when I get busy but in general I am trying. I think that’s all we can expect from ourselves.