Big Change: Smaller Me

I’ve lost over 40 pounds since last June
Sunrise out the window of Planet Fitness

I am definitely not a very consistent blogger and it interests me that somehow reporting in real time on what has been a gargantuan accomplishment for me did not seem desirable or possible while it’s been happening. I mentioned back in November– in my first post in 3 years– that I had lost over 25 pounds. I did go on to do what I said in November, to move into the mid range of a healthy BMI.

Back in January I joined Planet Fitness. While I know hard core body builders and weight lifters look at PF with derision it’s been wonderful for me. I began using New Rules of Lifting for Life (Thank you @LouSchuler and @AlwynCosgrove) to develop workouts and have diligently been following those routines three times per week since. I learned that it is actually possible for me to get out of the house at 6:30AM to get in an hour workout before work. I honestly did not believe that I could do that consistently twice a week. My body fat percentage is still right at 30% and I am determined to slowly reduce that and build more muscle. I am amazed when I look at the clothes that fit me now. I hold something up and automatically think “no way my body’s going to fit into that” so it will clearly take some time for all those elements to gel but I feel good and am very proud of what I’ve done so far.