Dude, where’s my butt?

So….part of losing 40+ pounds for me included losing what used to be my behind. Somehow at 125.5 pounds I still manage to be 28.7% body fat. But I now have a much flatter derriere than I used to. I don’t remember the source but someone once referred to MPAL as Male Pattern Ass Loss. So I suppose I have FPAL.

As I have lifted weights for years, I am sure I can put on some more muscle but there will be no super-stupendous newbie gains for me.

Excellent resource!

That said, I have always responded pretty well to training. About a month ago I started using the Strong Curves book by Bret Contreras & Kellie Davis. So far so good. I am still in the first few weeks and hence am not yet doing heavy lifts but rather am working on strengthening and activation which I presume will stand me in good stead when I start doing the heavier lifts. I have never trained my glutes specifically as a focus and it feels good.

Looking forward to reporting progress.