Stewing In My Own Juices

Shroud knot

It’s been 16 weeks since I began a new job and boy did I let things to go pot.  About a month and a half into the job I was assigned a large and difficult project that I had to tackle pretty much alone and with no one available to take on existing duties that I had to ignore/defer. I am a department of one and 1/3 or so at my job so if I am pulled off a project it pretty much comes to a halt. Because there were several things on my plate at the time that required my attention, the situation really stressed me out.  And as I so often do, I let the stress make me less diligent about working out. What a waste.  Even at times when I could not bring myself to work, I preferred to stew in my own juices than to work out.

I am now working on another big project, and still giving the short shrift to another looming one, but I am taking a new approach to it mentally. It’s not my decision how I am used, I will do my best in the time I have and the outcome will be what it will be.  I am recommitting to working out OFTEN so that the stress doesn’t take a greater toll than it needs to.

I’ve taken two Power yoga classes in the last week which are always great at making me feel de-stressed. I also began taking advantage of a workout room at work. The world is full of disappointing situations and things one can’t control, so I am recommitting to not abandoning those things I can control like taking care of my mind, body and spirit.